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John Curtin College of the Arts

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Department of Finance




$11.4 million


Construct only

This new school facility was delivered to meet a government directive to integrate year 7 into secondary schools.

Despite a challenging program and latent conditions, including the presence of asbestos and hard rock, EMCO Building delivered the project in time for the school year to provide:

  • Additional general learning areas at ground level

  • Student activity areas, storage and associated amenities for staff and students

  • Additional science classrooms on the upper level

  • Additional dance studios that allow for future conversion into science classrooms

  • Landscaping to provide outdoor activity spaces and performance areas

‘I congratulate EMCO Building ... for delivering the (project) under immense pressure. The construction time constraints would be a challenge for any builder, but the team delivered in a very friendly, positive and cooperative manner while maintaining a very high standard of construction.’

 Client report

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