Yanchep Secondary College - Stage 2

Yanchep Secondary College - Stage 2

Yanchep Secondary College - Stage 2

  • Location21 Ravensbourne Street, Yanchep
  • ArchitectWith_Architecture Studio
  • ClientBuilding Management & Works (BMW)
  • Project Value $12.5m
  • StatusCompleted

Construction and Refurbishment Project valued at $ 13.4m

EMCO Building’s $12.5m contract included the construction of a new Performing Arts Block and refurbishments to the existing Technologies Block (D Block). This comprised upgrading the engineering, metalwork, and woodwork workshops, a new commercial food workshop, prep areas, and a new mechatronics studio.

Minor refurbishments also included the Health Education Block to incorporate a fitness centre and revised health education classrooms. External works forming part of this project include new carparks, drainage civil works, a drop off loop (located north of the existing administration block), and both soft and hard landscaping.

As the project was in a live (operational) school, it was delivered in 2 stages to ensure the continued operation of school activities and minimise any inconvenience to staff and students. Works were coordinated with the project superintendent to minimise disruptions to essential services and operations. As the refurbishment works were adjacent to existing classrooms, regular communication with the school was required to ensure classes could be relocated (or suitable arrangements made) when required.

The onset of the Covid-19 outbreak required EMCO Building to implement several mitigation strategies to counter potential disruptions. These included measures such as social-distancing, personnel screenings, material substitution, and advanced purchasing. Specified materials such as the building’s feature Timber Cladding System were hit with significant delays. EMCO Building’s multiple supply chains ensured it could propose and deliver an alternative, locally sourced system quickly.

Separable Portion 1 (SP1) was completed in July 2020 with the remaining work (Separable Portion 2) completed in December 2020.

As construction noise and dust was a critical consideration for the site, EMCO Building undertook planning to coordinate the Contract to mimimise the impact on stakeholders. Additionally, demolition work was alternated between noisy works and clean-up/removal periods to reduce noise and dust around the school at any one time.

Dust escaping from the construction area can sometimes constitute a health risk to staff, students, and the public. Careful planning was necessary to mitigate dust entering any neighbouring rooms, ventilation systems, services, plant, and/or equipment. Effective measures were undertaken to ensure dust suppression was maintained throughout the project period in the form of full height, sealed hoardings that reduced noise and stopped dust from passing from one area to another.
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