Santa Maria College - Stage 3

Santa Maria College - Stage 3

Santa Maria College - Stage 3

  • Location18 Stoneham Road, Attadale
  • ArchitectEIW Architects
  • ClientSanta Maria College / Mercy Education Ltd
  • Project Value $9.3 Million
  • StatusCompleted

New 3 Storey Science & SSE Building

2016 Winner - MBA Awards for Best Education Building under $10M

Stage 3 of the Santa Maria College Project included the construction of a new 3-storey Science and Studies of Society and Environment block which accommodates six (6) general classrooms, three (3) Studio Labs, two (2) Chemistry Labs, two (2) Science Prep Rooms, Staff Area, Amenities, and a Science Garden along with a curved tiered forum area containing state of the art audio and visual systems. The building also contains a basement level which houses three (3) Bus Bays, Storage Rooms, and student Change Rooms.

The works, which included cut-ins to the adjacent, existing occupied buildings, was carried out in a fully operational live environment. The site was also located between the boarding houses and main campus, meaning that space on site was very limited. 

This necessitated careful planning and coordination of both construction activities along with student and staff movements. Extensive dust and noise controls were also implemented to minimise disruptions to the day to day operations of the college.

The project fit-out was complex and highly serviced involving several large laboratories.
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