Curtin University - Stage 2

Curtin University - Stage 2

Curtin University - Stage 2

  • Location208 Kent Street, Bentley
  • ArchitectGresley Abas
  • ClientCurtin University
  • Project Value $6.9m
  • StatusCompleted

Construction & refurbishment works

The Curtin University - Stage 2 contract works was split into four (4) Separable Portions so that each area could integrate the differing commencement and completion times required by the university. EMCO Building’s scope of works required it to deliver the project in a live environment to accommodate the ongoing business of a fully operational university facility.

Separable Portion 1

Demolition and refurbishment works to the North Wing (rooms 124 to 138) to accommodate the new MAC and PC labs. Duration - 5 months.

Separable Portion 2

Demolition and refurbishment works to the East Wing (rooms 150 to 156) to include a new communications room, prototyping studio, amenities / informal learning upgrade, hopper relocation, electrical / communications upgrades, external ramp in the courtyard, and upgrades to a new fire wall. Duration - 3 months.

Separable Portion 3

Demolition and refurbishment to accommodate new workplace accommodations (rooms 158 to 163). Duration - 6 months.

Separable Portion 4 (Main Works)

Demolition and new build / extension to Building 202 to accommodate additional learning facilities to the Design and Arts Precinct. The scope of works also Included extensive landscaping to tie into existing adjacent buildings. Duration - 10 months.

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