BP Refinery - CCB Building

BP Refinery - CCB Building

BP Refinery - CCB Building

  • Location1 Mason Road, Kwinana
  • ArchitectPaul Meschiati & Associates
  • ClientBP Refinery
  • Project Value $6.3 Million
  • StatusCompleted

BP Central Control Building

This project was undertaken within the overall BP Processing Facility in Kwinana. The site was fully operational with high levels of security, access control, HSE controls, site risk and hazard controls. 

The new Central Control Building (CCB) was built immediately adjacent the existing Control Building that was required to maintain operations throughout the entire construction process. This was particularly sensitive as interruptions in this area would have incurred a detrimental effect on the overall facility with potential for safety, production, and economic risk issues.

The construction overview of the project included the following key elements:
•    Single storey concrete structure extension of the existing central control building.
•    A large volume of concrete pours for the raft & the roof.
•    The walls were interlocking precast panels with structural steel bracing.
•    Services infrastructure ready to receive fit-out.
•    External Sewer services system interconnecting to the existing system.
•    External paving and access enablement works.
•    Internal fit-out of stud wall / glazed partitioning, susp acoustic tile ceilings.
•    Reticulation of services to suit the client-specific fit-out requirements.
•    Fire-rated ceilings to critical defined areas.
•    Services fit-out and commissioning.
•    Interface with client direct contractors.

EMCO Building coordinated their works to comply with the extensive BP site operations requirements including comprehensive Health Safety and Environmental, Security and High-Risk Construction Task permit procedures.

Access constraints at BP and the need to have timely inductions and approval of all hazardous materials used on site required a high level of management. 

Additionally, coordination challenges included personnel working within the same environment as BP’s ongoing operations. High levels of induction and personnel management ensured that both processes operated in concurrency without incident or issue.

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