TREEHOUSE Apartments - Parkside Walk Jolimont

TREEHOUSE Apartments - Parkside Walk Jolimont

11 Sep 2019

The Treehouse Apartments Project is now fully mobilised at site and the construction works are underway. The shoring to the northern boundary has been completed and the southern side shoring works are progressing well.
Over the next month or so, we expect to excavate down to basement level 2 which is approximately 6 meters below the existing ground level.
At site we are preparing the area ready for commencement of the dewatering. Due to the relatively high existing water table level we have to run dewatering whilst the basement works are in process. This is a carefully planned activity that requires regular environmental monitoring and control performed by our dewatering specialists.
As we progress the design works for the main building we are excited by the recent contract engagement of our specialist pools contractor who will be designing and installing the 50,000-litre heated pool with underwatering lighting. We are also thrilled with the engagement of our lift contractor who is a renowned leader in this upwardly moving industry. 
Recent discussions with our solar power provider and embedded network supplier demonstrate that this building will be state of the art in terms of the community energy network metering.
With the central landscaped section of the building, the new Treehouse Apartments will transmute a truly Babylonian theme to its occupants and visitors.

Architect: MJA 

Client: Stirling Capital 

Superintendent: ENCON 

• HERA Engineering– Structural Engineer
• Floth Consultants – Electrical Engineer
• Floth Consultants - Hydraulic Engineer
• Allied Air – Mechanical Engineer
• XERO – Fire Engineer
• ESD – Energy Assessor
• Herring Storer - Acoustics
• Carbon EMT – Embedded Network Provider
• BCA Compliance – Resolve
• QS – BSM Consulting (Rowan Smith)


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