Commercial Building Trends Changing The Face Of Australian Construction in 2018

Commercial Building Trends Changing The Face Of Australian Construction in 2018

12 Sep 2018

Commercial construction is an ever changing landscape. New techniques, a changing economy and shifting demand all mean that there’s a lot for commercial builders to keep up with if they’re to stay ahead of the game. The following is a list of important trends that are changing the face of the commercial construction industry in Australia at the moment.

Adaptive Reuse

Instead of tearing down an old structure and starting from scratch, owners are choosing to restore buildings for different purposes. As well as helping to reduce costs and enhance economic development, this practise has been favoured for its ability to encourage urban revitalisation as it can give abandoned old buildings a new purpose without losing their historic character.

As such, adaptive reuse is particularly popular in areas where amenities such as old warehouses, factories and other industrial buildings can be converted into office blocks, high density residential and commercial spaces.


Sustainability is a hot topic across a wide range of industries and commercial construction is certainly no exception. Green building practises and incorporating aspects of sustainable construction (such as recycling waste from renovation and demolition projects) will continue to be a major trend in 2018. Concerns over climate change and rising electricity prices have also made energy efficient designs more popular than ever. Our recent Bottleyard Apartment development is a good example with the building being largely self sufficient in terms of electricity use.

Collaborative Project Delivery

As time goes on, the traditional ‘competitive tender’ process is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Industry experts expect that the coming year will witness more project team collaborations that consolidate the design and construction process under one contract. EMCO Building love a long trade rescued with Design & Construct Projects such as The Bottleyard Apartments, The HBF Arena Redevelopments, and the current St Catherines Student Accomodation at UWA.

Labour Shortages

The imbalance between the demand for new buildings and lack of technical training programs will continue to manifest itself with skilled labour shortages in the commercial construction industry. Savvy operators will look to counteract this by offering training to current employees that will boost their skill sets and retain quality staff. EMCO Building provide extensive training including apprenticeships, traineeships, undergraduate training and ongoing professional development.

VR & AR Technology

Virtual and augmented reality represents an exciting new horizon for the commercial building industry. It can enable enhanced collaboration amongst project stakeholders before construction begins and allow the easy detection of errors during the design phase. However, high implementation costs mean that it’s still only viable for large scale projects (for the time being anyway). EMCO Building has employed 3D modelling using Revit on a number of our current projects.

Higher Costs

The spectre of cost increases over the coming year will put pressure on commercial projects. As such, commercial builders need to keep a keen eye on the balance sheet and look at ways of minimising costs and ensuring cash flow if they’re to remain viable.

As one of Perth’s most trusted and experienced commercial building companies, at EMCO Building we make sure that we’re always across the latest commercial building trends so that we’re able to deliver our clients the absolute best. If you’d like to harness our know-how for your next project then just get in touch with us today.


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