AEGIS Shoreline Aged Care Facility Development

AEGIS Shoreline Aged Care Facility Development

24 Oct 2019

It seems that every month we reach another milestone on the new Aegis Aged care develoopment in North Coogee 
The most recent milestone is not particularly glamourous but is important none the less - the first group of the delayed pour strips in the ground floor suspended slab has been completed. These areas are narrow sections of the slab between each of the major pour areas that were left out to allow for the natural shrinkage which occurs when concrete is cured.  Now that the slabs have been down for a couple of months that shrinkage has taken place we can now effectively stitch the suspended slabs together with the pouring of these “infill strips’ which has the important effect of providing uniformly distributed loadings on the vibration isolation bearings positioned beneath the slab. These bearings become deflected by the load above and allow for some lateral movement in order to dissipate any vibration felt when freight trains pass by on the nearby railway track. Now that the ground floor slab is being completed, we are able to complete the brickwork walls which are positioned over these delayed pour areas and push on with completing the superstructure above.

The building is really starting to take shape and we look forward to completing the remainder of the upper floor concrete works during the next few months. In turn, this will facilitate the commencement of the steelwork superstructure to the roof areas.
In the basement areas, the pipework which links the thermal bore system is being installed. These thermal bores, used for the extraction and re-injection of groundwater, form part of the buildings heating and cooling system.

Architect:  Peter Hunt

Client:  Aegis Aged Care Group

  • BPA Engineering– Structural Engineer
  • RVAC Design – Mechanical Engineer
  • Best Consultants – Electrical Engineer
  • Rock water – Thermal Bore Consultants
  • CHD - Hydraulic Engineer
  • Saraceni – Fire Engineer
  • REVERBERATE – Vibration Engineer
  • Ian Lush – Certifier
  • Gabriel ACOUSTICS Engineer – Building Acoustics

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