TREEHOUSE Apartments - Parkside Walk Jolimont

TREEHOUSE Apartments - Parkside Walk Jolimont

26 Nov 2019

Basement works at The Treehouse Apartments Project have just achieved a major milestone with the pouring of the main basement raft slab. This exciting milestone means we can now turn our attentions to progressing upwards with the main structure.
The large basement raft slab was laid in one single pour to avoid any joints which may cause future waterproofing issues. The raft contains approximately 1000 cubic metres of concrete which was delivered throughout the day by around 170 concrete delivery trucks servicing 3 concrete pumps.
This was a major logistical exercise carried out by EMCO’s site management and supply chain all successfully completed without incident within a 6-hour timeframe.
The detailed design of the overall building is complete and we have lodged for the main Building Permit which we expect to receive in the next week or so.
This will tie in well with our construction progress of the basement Forward Works ensuring a seamless transition between the respective stages of the Project.
Most of our skilled trades are now engaged for this project; we are excited by their high calibre and look forward to the quality of finish that will be delivered. Regular co-ordination and review meetings ensure that the construction process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
To see more of this great project (or secure your apartment) visit the project website at
Architect:  MJA

Client:  Stirling Capital

Superintendent: ENCON

  • HERA Engineering– Structural Engineer
  • Floth Consultants – Electrical Engineer
  • Floth Consultants - Hydraulic Engineer
  • Allied Air – Mechanical Engineer
  • XERO – Fire Engineer
  • ESD – Energy Assessor
  • Herring Storer - Acoustics
  • Carbon EMT – Embedded Network Provider
  • BCA Compliance – Resolve
  • QS – BSM Consulting (Rowan Smith)

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