Laying A Solid Foundation: Why The Design Phase Is The Most Critical Part Of A Commercial Project

Laying A Solid Foundation: Why The Design Phase Is The Most Critical Part Of A Commercial Project

1 Nov 2018

When handling a commercial construction project it can be very tempting to rush the design process in order to get to the construction phase more quickly. After all this is when the project really starts to become a reality, but it's also when problems can occur if the planning and design process have not been thoroughly thought through.

That is why, at EMCO Building, we believe that devoting the right amount of care, attention and resources to the planning phase is just as important as making sure the construction is successful. Too many developers prioritise construction at the expense of design, and ultimately everyone ends up suffering, including the Client.

Why do we think this way? Firstly, it has a lot to do with how you define a successful commercial construction project. All commercial buildings have a specific purpose, so to be truly successful the project has to deliver an end product that is as effective and functional as possible.

Lots of contractors have a very different set of priorities when entering the design process. Rather than focusing on what’s going to deliver the best outcome for their clients, they ‘dumb down’ the process and design a cheap, simplified, low quality product. To put it simply, they’ll design what’s quickest, easiest and most profitable for them to build.

A good design process shouldn’t just be a few consultation meetings followed by quickly drawn up plans, it should be a journey. If it’s going to deliver an outcome that’s as effective as you need it to be, the design phase needs to take into account things like building codes, site conditions, budget constraints, market conditions, client specific needs and the overall purpose and functionality of the building.

That’s why the design phase is, in many ways, the most critical of the whole project. It doesn’t matter how smoothly the construction phase goes, if you neglect the design at the beginning then you’re always going to end up with a building that underdelivers.

As a full service commercial design and construction company, at EMCO Building we can help ensure that every single aspect of your commercial construction project receives the expertise and attention-to-detail that it needs. From the very first meeting through to a thorough design process and a professionally managed build, we’ll make sure that you end up with a truly outstanding building that meets every single one of your objectives. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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