DAP Approves Five Storey Office Building

DAP Approves Five Storey Office Building

13 Nov 2018

The news that our application to the Metro North-West Development Assessment panel has been approved ended an 8 month saga with the City of Stirling. Despite the DAP “over turning” the  City’s rejection of the building application, it imposed some added conditions on the City’s Alternative Approval conditions for the building due to the overhanging verge tree. This has resulted in the financial viability of the project being marginal and project not proceeding. 

Located on Edward Street, Osborne Park, the building design was intended to significantly contribute to the end goal of providing a mix of residential, office and shopping locations in the Glendalough Train Station precinct and the adjacent area restructure plan. EMCO will now consider the impact of these conditions and the resulting financial questions posed in the current approval. 

We are disappointed with the outcome and the time and cost of the application to date. It does raise concerns with the likely difficultness and costs of now obtaining a Building License should the proceed further. 

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