Ursula Frayne Catholic College Stage 12 – New Science Block and Refurbishments Works

Ursula Frayne Catholic College Stage 12 – New Science Block and Refurbishments Works

11 Mar 2019

Construction of a new 3 storey Science Block building & refurbishment of existing sections of the College is now fully completed.

Working in a live school environment with little space to move posed significant issues for the team. Staged Demo of some existing parts of school could not be undertaken until school holidays, placing constraints on start dates of the next stages of work. However, through close co-operative co-ordination with the school management and by using detailed look ahead planning and programming tools, the EMCO team were able to successfully overcome these challenges.

The finished product is outstanding and well appreciated by our Clients.

The interesting mixture of architectural cladding to the exterior and the blend of science related finishes schemes internally effectively create an elevated playground for the College students.

This concept of creating elevated recreational learning spaces is gaining popularity within the education sector, as land becomes costlier and 2 to 3 storey school buildings become more viable from a construction cost point of view.

EMCO’s experience on earlier similar projects such as the John Curtin Year 7 Building and the School of Early Learning demonstrate EMCO’s standing at the forefront of the market for creating these “playgrounds in the sky”.

Client: Catholic Education WA - Ursula Frayne Catholic College - http://web.ursulafrayne.wa.edu.au/

Architect: DWA Architects - http://www.dwaarch.com.au/


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