Curtin University DAP Relife Project Stage 2

Curtin University DAP Relife Project Stage 2

3 Jul 2019

With Separable Portion 3 complete, the team are now focusing on the final stages of the main build. It has been a busy couple of months with additions and changes to scope, however the project is finally taking shape as it gains momentum.

The Megastructure is complete with external feature cladding well underway (between rain storms). The Internal has progressed unhindered by the weather, with painting, floor prep and fit off well underway.

Externally the Jarrah decking is well underway and we expect to start the remaining landscaping works shortly.  

Project Manager: JOHNSTAFF
Client: Curtin University
Architect: Gresley Abas 

  • BPA – Structural Engineer
  • BPA – Civil Engineer
  • HDAWA – Hydraulic Engineer
  • SG&K – Mechanical Engineer
  • BEST Consultants – Electrical Engineer
  • REALM – Landscape Design
  • Elevation – Signage Design

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