Kiara College Update

Kiara College Update

16 Feb 2021

Works at Kiara College are progressing well with EMCO Building already handing over several Separable Portions of the works. The refurbishments to the existing classrooms are now complete and have been handed back to the school. The new Car Park and Kiss & Ride on Benara Road have also been completed.
EMCO Building has fast tracked the Entry Car Park works in order to hand them over to the school early. These are expected to be completed with the next month, along with the completion of the projects extensive electrical and fire services upgrades.
The Performing Arts and Student Services buildings both have footings and ground slabs complete with the tilt panels poured and ready to be erected in the coming weeks.
EMCO Building is pleased to be working with the following teams to deliver a quality project.

    - Department of Finance (Building & Contracts)
    - With Architecture Studio
Quantity Surveyor:
    - Ralph Beattie Bosworth (RBB)
    - Structural & Civil Engineer / BG&E
    - Mechanical Engineer / Stevens McGann Willcock & Copping (SMWC)
    - Electrical Engineer / Focus Consulting WA
    - Hydraulic & Fire Engineer / Hydraulics Design Australia

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