AEGIS Aged Care - Shoreline

AEGIS Aged Care - Shoreline

28 Feb 2019

The construction of the new AEGIS Aged Care Development in North Coogee is now well underway.

The works comprise a 4-level residential style development consisting of under croft car park with three levels above containing 238 single person aged care units along with recreational and common areas. The development is bounded by a limestone feature retaining wall, landscaping and gardens.

The structure is unique in that vibration isolation has been incorporated into the engineering design effectively separating the superstructure from the sub structure. This is to ensure that no vibration is felt from nearby rail freight which passes close by to the western side of the development.

This requirement poses significant challenges for the EMCO team with the 186 bearings being used for the vibration isolation needing to be individually designed, manufactured and tested before construction of the superstructure can commence.

Prior to commencing the bearing design, we had to carry out ‘in-situ’ vibration testing to 5 of the substructure pad footings and columns to verify the anticipated vibration data readings.

The building heating and cooling system will use groundwater from thermal bores to be drilled on site. This requirement also places constraints on the works sequencing because access needs to be provided around the site for the large drilling rig that carries out the bore construction. This drilling work is planned to start very soon. Once the drilling has been completed and the samples taken from the bore holes, the data can be analysed and used to complete the design of the system.

Other works that are now underway include the pad footings for the basement substructure, the lift and stair cores, the tower crane base, retaining and basement walls.

Throughout the project there is a requirement for very close co-ordination between the trades and in particular the services trades for the electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire protection, fire detection and security services.
We look forward to showing you more as the building progresses.

Client: Aegis Age Care Group

Architect: Peter Hunt Architect

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