20 years at EMCO Building – How quickly it goes.

20 years at EMCO Building – How quickly it goes.

15 Dec 2020

There is nothing more satisfying than working somewhere you love. Life becomes just that little bit easier when you can tackle the challenges of the day with people you admire and can rely on.
Judging by that alone, it appears that EMCO Building CEO Ron Keogh is a very happy man.
This year marks Ron’s 20th anniversary at EMCO. Originally brought on as the company’s Business Development Manager, Ron’s control covered the frontend activities of the business overseeing sales, marketing, and estimating. Following his promotion to General Manager in 2008, Ron’s role expanded to encompass the full spectrum of company activities. Ron was eventually promoted to the role of CEO in March 2017 and now manages the day to day operations of the Company.
“I can’t believe how quickly it has all blown by. Often, you are so busy with the day to day tasks of the business, you don’t take the time to stop and enjoy the things you’ve achieved. Now is definitely one of those times, and I’m so proud of the role I’ve played in the growth of EMCO Building.” stated Ron
To put some context to just how long ago 20 years is, when Ron started at EMCO Building we were still usure about what Y2K would bring, cell phones were only just beginning to become popular, social media was non-existent, and newspapers and magazines were still going strong.
Congratulations to Ron on a momentous achievement.

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