Defence Housing Australia Seaward Village Stage 1 Completed & Stage 2 Awarded

Defence Housing Australia Seaward Village Stage 1  Completed & Stage 2 Awarded

27 Aug 2018

EMCO is pleased to have completed the renovation of 42 houses at Seaward Village for Defence Housing Australia.  On the back of the successful completion of Stage 1 of this substantial house renovation project, EMCO have now been awarded Stage 2 which comprises a further 43 Houses. This has been a great achievement by all involved and a fantastic recognition of our ability to deliver a high quality project on time and on budget.

As with any large-scale project of this nature, Stage 1 had many challenges, with the biggest being a shift in sequencing around 2 months into the project in an aim to assist Defence Housing Australia with their tenant relocation program. This saw ‘Stage 3 Dune Court’, consisting of 16 Houses becoming Stage 1. Fortunately, for a project management team as experienced and knowledgeable as ours, this adjustment was able to be handled with minimum fuss and disruption.

Our ability to accommodate such a shift proved successful with EMCO handing that stage over in March 2018, a full 2 months earlier than required and was a massive help to the client.

The next 2 stages followed suit with Stage 2 being completed by the end of April 2018 and the final Stage 3 being completed by the 31st of May.

We appreciate the faith Defence Housing Australia have placed in our ability to deliver an outstanding house renovation project and look forward to delivering them another high quality project in the future.

Client: Defence Housing Australia

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