The EMCO Difference: Why The Design & Construction Journey Is What Sets Us Apart

The EMCO Difference: Why The Design & Construction Journey Is What Sets Us Apart

5 Apr 2018

When it comes to the design and construction industry, far too many contractors focus on the construction phase, at the expense of the design. Their approach is very often to ‘dumb the building down’ and produce a cheap, simplified, low quality product. The focus is on what’s easiest to build, not what’s going to deliver the most functional building for your budget.

This is not the way we do things at EMCO. As one of Perth’s leading design and construction firms, we pride ourselves on taking the time to really understand the needs of our clients and it is this focus that sets us apart. At EMCO we view the design and construction process as a journey that we take with our clients that will deliver the best possible outcome for everyone involved. – or to put it more succinctly – what will deliver the best value for money.

What do we mean by journey? Great design and construction involves more than just a few consultation meetings, drawing up some plans and getting on with construction. It requires investigation, exploration and discovery. To do the job properly we need to sink our teeth into all aspects of the project: the building codes, the site conditions, the budget, the client’s needs, the building’s specific purpose and functionality. Only then can we deliver the best possible design and the best value for money outcome.

To ensure that a project comes in on time, on budget and still meets all the client’s demands, we know that we have to work with the full design team to understand what elements of the design are intrinsic to achieving a successful outcome. We can then lock those critical items in and focus the whole team on discovering what economies can be gained in the remaining areas of the development without affecting the quality of the finished product.

Through open and transparent communications throughout the whole process we make sure that all parties involved are completely happy with everything until the job is done.

Taking this design journey with our clients is what gets us up in the morning. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than working closely with our clients to achieve the best possible value for money outcome and then seeing the smiles on their faces when we see the project through to completion on time and on budget.

If you have an upcoming building project and want to take this design and construction journey with us to ensure you get the best possible end product for your budget then get in touch with us today!

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